Monday, October 11, 2010

Vast Vibrant Vistas.

There was a two week stretch of chill weather that shocked the systems. The plants, animals, and people of Minnesota were given a reminder of where they live. The first hard frost has come and gone.

It has passed and now the days are into the 70's again. Work is hot. Yet you know it will not be that way for long. We feel fortunate for every warm day in October.

These are days to get things done. Winter is coming.

Last week was interesting; on Friday we left the in town stump-grinding grind and moved to a spot in Stillwater.

Some guy sold a successful business and purchased some rolling wooded acreage on the high ground.

He had already had his "garage" built, and we were there to clear trees from the drive and future house. We also where to do some cleaning up of the general area.

On Friday, day 1 of this multi-day adventure, Joe had brought in a crane.

It was a picture perfect autumn day on the uplands of Stillwater along the Saint Croix river valley.

We were taking out some big trees. We had a real climber, and me to help setting chokers.

The routine was for me to ride the ball of the crane up to the top of the oak or maple, set a choker or two around a strong enough limb to take a large weight. Then hook the choker onto the ball of the crane.

Then I rappel down to the ground and pull my line through the hook.

That's when the climber cuts it off, and the crane lifts the "Big Broccoli" up. It then turns to set it on the ground where it's bucked up and the brush separated from the logs.

It was a picture perfect day with a view clear to Wisconsin. The whole region was ablaze in the billowing autumn colors; of reds, yellows, orange, burgundies...

It was a stunning view seen in a spectacular way. I will probably never see it again, I am a very fortunate Minnesotan to have seen it at all.

The rest of the work on the site has been drop and buck. And I have been climbing and doing some trimming here and there.

There is at least another days work for five people.

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