Monday, October 25, 2010

Down to the Wire in District Two

[you can read my review of the 8 Congressional Districts of Minnesota here]

In the Second Congressional District of Minnesota you have one of the least exciting races. The incumbent John Kline [R] seems very likely to keep the seat from the DFL candidate; Shelley Madore.

John is a Retired Marine Colonel who after several runs finally won the seat from the incumbent on 2002. He maintained his third term in 2006 by defeating one of "Times" persons of the year FBI agent "Collen Rowley [DFL]".

Now he faces Shelley, the perfectly groomed DFL candidate from solid Boston stock with local non-profit training. She looks good, and speaks well that circular, platitude laden, double speak that is used to support "programs".

Unfortunately for her, she has little support. The DFL has been sending resources to other fronts. Sure, she gets the endorsements of the Mondales, and "news"papers. But the real Democrat money is going to other races, like the sixth for example. [were i think it is being unwisely spent.]

The reason she gets little help is because John is almost a shoe in. He is just about the picture perfect version of the quintessential republican.

He seems a little stiff to me, but I suppose that is really what we need, so I am all for him.

I feel a need to disclose that he, in his early campaigns, booked a table at the celebration of Freedom Day on May 1; I think in 1998, I was managing. So, I give him bonus points for that. Also, while he was carrying the nuclear "football" for Uncle Ronnie in the eighties I was playing "receiver" on the blue crew of the U.S.S.Nathan Hale.

John, with all that, and the incumbent bonus, [available this year only to those who voted wisely] is the odds on favorite

I think he will cross the finish line at least two lengths ahead of Shelly. I put the odds at five to one for John.

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