Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Weeks To The Earthquake.

I initially started writing this journal primarily as a means to billboard my products.

My intent is to write professionally for a (most probably political) issue oriented organization.

I have lots of interests. Many seem to have attracted the attention of politicians whom seem to want to tell me how to go about my business.

In my ideal world I would live and work in outstate Minnesota, minding my own business. Making and doing things that are productive. I would not be spending much time or energy on things political.

It is not I who has gone out of my way to seek them out, rather it is the politician; and quite often the legislation they propose, that seeks out me.

Here I am, one man living in the State of his birth, Minnesota. I love my family, my friends, my work. I love Minnesota and Minnesotan's through and through.

[7 winters makes you a Minnesotan]

I could give tours of the State based on time, interests, money, health... I like the concept of the four corners tour. It would be way cool.

I am still working on the order. I think scheduling matters, season-wise. It is a big State, and touching all four corners of the State of Minnesota is no small thing.

I happen to live in one of the most political states in the union, in one of the most political counties, in one of the most political congressional district, in one of the most political elections in generations.

I live in Forest Lake, in Washington County, in Minnesotas' 6th district, with incumbent Republican Michelle Bachmann facing the Democrat Farmer Labor [DFL] candidate and present State Senator' Tarryl Clark.

They both have been in the Minnesota Senate. Tarryl now is in the MN Senate seat 15.

The Speaker of U.S The House of Representatives; Nancy Pelosi, has labeled that U.S. House seat now helb by Bachmann as a "top target".

There is much to be said past, present, and future; concerning this moment in human history.

I will comment on some of these things during the crescendo to the November 2 cataclysm.

For starts I will let you know my inclinations.

I like the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. [although I agree with the "redundancy" argument made at the time.]

I like the Minnesota Constitution, the fact it was signed on two documents because the differences at the time were hot.
{one blue and one pink, guess which was signed by the Democrats.}

I like the Minnesota Constitution with its' definition of property rights as being Allodial property rights.

I am in the wood business. I love Minnesota, and boats, and food, and people and animals and geography and power. Real power, the ability to do work.

Being an old submariner I like quiet power.

I do not like any ideas proposed by the DFL since I left the service in 1987.
In fact, I have watched that organization and its' products, go steadily downhill since they started rattling my cage, and brought my naive gaze on their operation decades ago.

I find it hard to imagine ever voting DFL.
That is not to say I am impressed by the Republicans long suffering courageous stand for freedom. (not)

I have been waiting for a long time for real change.

For power to return to its proper place.
Most of what the Feds do the States should be doing, or better yet the people. What the States now do, the counties should; what the counties are doing quite often the individuals should be doing.

The cost is often unseen, yet people are encumbered by hidden burdens.

There is a remote, foggy but pleasant dream; it has been offered by many, many, many over the eons.

"We will remove individual struggle by collectivization."
No one will go without. It can be done.

No, it cannot.
To try is to deny the human spirit.

To claw from the working all, to give to a supplicant some, by an anointment few; I find revolting.

I know Minnesota from its rivers, arts, industries, history, land, people, seasons and our way of life.

I've known many of the "tea Party" people here in Minnesota for years. I think they are great and offer a taste of what is needed in Washington and Saint Paul.

I believe that Michelle Bachmann is going to have greater leadership positions after her re-election this November.

I intend to have an especially festive birthday this November 7.
I hope to post nearly daily till then.

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