Saturday, October 23, 2010

Minnesota by District.

Minnesota is a large State geographically with a small population, half of which is concentrated in the Twin cities metropolitan region.

The congressional districts, of which we have eight, are apportioned around people and therefore are relatively small in the metropolitan region and quite large as you go out state.

The first congressional district covers extreme southern Minnesota, from Wisconsin to South Dakota.

The second is smaller and covers the southern part of the metropolitan area.

The third is smaller still and encompasses the suburban region south, west, and north of Minneapolis.

The fourth congressional district has one of the twins, the Capitol city; Saint Paul and with it most of Ramsey county.

The fifth is very small and covers the east half of Hennepin county, and the other twin, Minneapolis.

The sixth district (the one I live in now) is north of the Metro following the Mississippi north a piece and also stretches east to the Saint Croix River bordering Wisconsin.

The seventh is is the largest district and covers most of western Minnesota, from the Canadian border to Marshall south of the Minnesota river.

And the eight district, also very large, covers the north and northeastern region to the Canadian border and to lake superior.

I have ties and interests in all these districts, I have lived and voted in the sixth for decades and I have deep emotional bonds to the eighth.

Keep in mind Congressional Districts encompass people first and geography by necessity.
But the geography has greatly shaped the people.

The folks along the wide flat planes in south-west Minnesota are different than the people in the hustle and bustle of the fifth, or the rugged northern eighth.

Each of these districts are apportioned by population, and these people will elect it's representative to our Republic by democratic means.

This is to be done ten days from today, on November 2.

There are some long standing assumptions being questioned and many an old guard is more than a little nervous.

I intend to do a district by district break down soon.

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