Monday, October 25, 2010

A Fight to the Finish in the First

[you can read my review of the 8 Congressional Districts of Minnesota here]

There is a hotly contested struggle in the First Congressional District of Minnesota. The campaign to maintain power, or gain it; is now at fever pitch.

The seat is now held by the second-termer; Representative Tim Waltz [DFL]. He was born in Nebraska and is the son of a school administrator and a community activist. He retired from the National Guard and received his doctorate in education at Saint Mary's in Winona. He is a teacher in Mankato, on the Blue Earth River.

He is challenged for the seat by Randy Demmer [R]. He is a lifelong resident of Hayfield and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A in Ag. Business Administration. He has built up and sold several business, including a software company and three NAPA stores.

I hope he beats the incumbent.

Tim Waltz is a nice man, and he is probably an excellent school teacher; but he is the last thing the 1st District needs now.

He entered the house when the chips were down for the opposing party, and Tim was enough of "someone else" without being off-putting by having political positions.

He is the latest version of what is called a "blue-dog" democrat. That phrase came from a painter whos' scenes sometimes centered around a blue dog that often had a collar and a leash.

The implication is that they are rogue democrats who are unfortunately leashed to their leaders, or they would be voting more to their liking. (and by implication yours, no matter what that means.)

I prefer the term "milquetoast".

Tim is the kind of candidate that gets the endorsement of ole Governor Arne Carlson [R], who also endorsed Barrack Obama for president, as well as "independent" candidate Tom Horner for Governor.

Arne is just another guy who wants the books to line up and sees no problem with another little tax hike. He also likes people to listen to him as if he has something wise to say, and he really likes to be on TV.

He is washed up and should sit down.

Arne, your political days are behind you, take up stamp collecting or something.

That wishy-washy, meaningless, mush-mouth talk is a great strategy; designed to please everyone without turning off anyone.

But these are different times, and I don't think it will work in today's educated, electric, and politically charged atmosphere.

It will probably work for Colin Peterson in the 7th, as it has for years... maybe, but that's about it.

Here in the first district, full of farm fields, farm towns and farmers; and dotted with some sizable towns with their special interests, like Mankato and Winona and their colleges, or Rochester with the Mayo Clinic; there is no more room, or patience for fence sitting.

The, "well... on the one hand we have this, but on the other we have that" kind of talk has lost its luster.

We cannot afford that kind of nonsense anymore Arne.

There seems to be a general desire for plain speaking.
For clear answers to basic questions.

Don't expect any clear answers from any Democrat candidate.

They know that their ideas are not popular. They will shade their answers, divert the conversation, or more likely do as they usually do; call the opponent names, or his/her friends names.

Unfortunately the only people who seem to ask these basic questions are constituents; the press seems too preoccupied with other things to ask these good questions.

Questions like... "you say you are for this or that, yet you keep voting to the contrary, or support leadership with strong opposing do your reconcile that to your constituents?"

Right now the polls have it a statistical tie, which makes me think it is leaning away from the incumbent. But we shall see.

The only poll that matters is in November.
Tim may hold on to his seat, but right now I see the odds are three-to-two agianst him.


PS: Saturday the President Of The United States [POTUS] was in town stumping for the DFL Governor candidate Mark Dayton. Dayton is a horrible candidate with no stage presence or speaking ability, or fresh ideas.

This makes him an excellent standard bearer for his party.

He looks like a goggle eyed loon.
You will not see much or hear much from him leading up to the election.

His handlers, the best Dayton money can buy, knows that every time he is seen he loses 300 votes and every time he is heard he loses 640 more votes. He looks and sounds like a Prozac loaded stiff.

If you ever want to see a DFL drone, drone...go to a Mark Dayton speech. If you make it to the end, you will need a double, I'll buy; you've earned it.

Tarryl Clark in the 6th district had Bill Clinton in town stumping to defeat Michelle Bachmann in the 6th. He was scheduled to speak at 7:30 he arrived at 11.

In any case, politically Bill Clinton is the kiss of death. Just look at his endorsement record. Tarryl Clark is just about done, I think.

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