Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Run Away in the Fifth

[you can read my review of the 8 Congressional Districts of Minnesota here]

Minnesotas' fifth Congressional District is relatively small, it has Minneapolis, our largest city.
One of the basic differences between Minneapolis and Saint Paul is that Saint Paul is a city of the east, Minneapolis is a western city.

Both of our large cities ( like most large cities in America today ) has been run by the DFL/Democrats.

The Fifth District seat has been held by the DFL since 1963.

Today the seat is held by Kieth Ellison. He is from the State of my father, Michigan. His family all became doctors, lawyers, or preachers. He has a B.A in economics, he then came to Minnesota and got a law degree at the U of M. Afterwords he worked at a local law firm specializing in civil rights, employment and criminal defense. He was executive director of the not-for-profit Legal Rights Center defending the indigent. He was a local "public affairs" radio host and eventually elected to the MN House of Representatives in the mid-city district; 55B. He was re-elected and then ran for, and won, the U.S. House seat being vacated by the retiring Martin Olav Sabo (DFL), Dist 5.

The republican candidate is a man named Joel Demos. He is born to missionaries and was raised in greece, his grandmother was mayor of Roseville. He graduated college in California and always worked in finance, now working for TCF.

The DFL party of 1963 and Don Frasier is very different from the DFL party of 2010 and Kieth Ellison

Minneapolis has become, like the party that runs it, a hot bed of "activism".

Groups and organizations and non-profits and all kinds of blog writing and placard waiving "organizations" are out and about defending the disaffected or disrespected or enlightening the uneducated or raising "awareness" to/for/on? the unaware "people".

That is what Kieth is all about and he represents this voting block very well.

Joel is a very nice man who would be great in congress.
He will run a good race.

He will lose.
This is as close to a sure thing as you will get for a DFL'er in a race this year.

Kieth takes it in six lengths.

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