Saturday, September 25, 2010

September Ends

The sun rose but couldn't be seen. These clouds are just part of a rainfall that has lasted for days. We only got grazed but the southern third of Minnesota has been inundated. The River Warren Valley again shows it's dominance over the region as it catches, and transports to the sea, this huge rainfall.

The political season is way past gearing up and is off and running. As are the deer, for it is autumn and hunting season has started; bow first, then gun. Many of my friends have taken one already, looks like it will be a good deer harvest; unlike down south were this new rainfall has saturated what was expected to be a record grain harvest.

I am preparing for my winter-over as is everyone else with a rational and responsible Minnesota mindset. Coat, hat, gloves, boots that sort of thing. I think I am going out and getting a boot dryer. Very handy in the winter, there is nothing like warm and dry boots in the morning.

I intend to update my membership to the MSOA Minnesota Stable Owners Association, and also the FWLM; Forest Workers League of Minnesota.

I like working at the Tree Service/Horse Stables in Stillwater.
I really want to run the bandsawmill at Lumberjack Days next year, but that has to be pushed. So I will be pushing that.

I have my storage space paid up, my license renewed, the truck runs and is fully insured. Now to tidy up the boats, I still hope to get a couple runs in but the season is soon over for boating.

I also had been hoping to set up a more comfortable living arrangement by winter with a little more space and no weekend chores. That may still happen, I would like to live closer to work.

I want to paint my portable stage before it gets too cold, I could straighten up my storage space at the same time.

That's probably what I'll do this week. Today I may run to Sartell, or Big Lake depending on a few phone calls.

I did the laundry and the dishes, if I go I better do so soon. I need to be back for Sunday morning chores for about 20 horses. I should be done by noon.

If it's nice, maybe I'll paint my stage Sunday afternoon.

Now, time to make some phone calls.

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