Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn is Here and Winter Aproaches.

Today was a crisp morning with fog. We were geared up and getting underway by 7 at Haines Tree service in Stillwater.

We had the white Pick-up pulling the stump grinder ahead and going through the list provided by the City of Minneapolis. Following that was the one ton pulling a trailer to receive the grindings, and running along with it, was the Mac [Granite] loader to pick up the grindings and then fill the hole with the dirt carried in the back of the Mac.

It's pretty efficient and once up and running it is not uncommon for us to grind 1000 inches of stumps.

We headed into town and were approaching the first ground stump to clean up (Mike and I were in the Loader), the fog had burned off and it was a perfect blue autumn day.

We went about from site to site, chewing up stumps along the boulevards of Minneapolis like a bunch of rabbits bouncing from carrot to carrot in the garden.

We had a good day and tomorrow looks to be the same.

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