Sunday, November 1, 2009

That's Not The Wells Fargo Wagon You See on the Horizon.

Well, we are into November and the political baggage trains are beginning to sort out into common flagged assemblies. And they have begun their dusty and clattering treks about the State.

On the crazy meandering paths that leave no home or hamlet un-touched, these overloaded wagon trains of campaigns; like gypsies of old, rattle into sight, coming in over the horizon cloaked in a haze of dust, movement, noise and flies.

By the end of the month, these nomads will have, more or less, concentrated into two long lumbering wagon trains, each full of pack animals, rough handlers, noisy hangers-on and lots of "bummers" walking with the noisy rabble.

They'll eventually reach the Capitol in Saint Paul, however each individual colorful and noisy wagon may be in a different train by the time it gets there. And many a sad and worn out wagon doesn't complete the arduous and inefficient slog. The countryside is littered with old rotting corps' of once noisy and colorful sturdy platform-wagons.

Until they return to the dust from which they came, the gaudily painted wood and fabric decays alongside the main roads, and back roads. These derelicts always bring forth the same stories when passed by the trains. It reminds the observer of a line of elephants passing the grave of a now gone but once strong companion, each trumpeting the same sad note as they pass.

The Minnesota Legislative Session is to Convene 12 noon, Thursday, February 4, 2010.

Minnesota used to meet every other year, and I think it still could and should, however that isn't the way we do it now.

Minnesota budgets on a bi-annual basis. This years session is to deal with the "bonding Bill". Coupled with it also being an election year, there is a great deal of incentive for them to get to "business" and leave fast.

They have campaigns to tend to....
The wild card on everyone's mind is that the Governor of Minnesota has said he will not be seeking re-election. The throne is open for occupancy in November 2010, one year from now.

However, the clamoring mobs constantly hovering around the circus always want more. And they often condense into one. Like a school of herring they can mesmerize with their flashing colorful mosaic show. Unlike herring they can shout, and they do, in large placard waiving throngs.

Do they, the elected, safely evacuate the coral confines of the Capitol buildings to hunt for their supper, or will they be mesmerized and baffled into the endless twists and turns to be found in the labyrinth of Saint Paul?

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