Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cruising to the End of November

Yesterday; Saturday, November 21, 2009 Steve, Gary and I took the 28 foot pontoon boat out for one last cruise on Eagle Lake near Big Lake.

It was nice and sunny, although a little windy by the end of the day. Gary and Steve both got skunked and didn't catch a thing.

I, on the other hand (who does not fish), brought my portable propane oven and was cooking nonstop.

Cinnamon rolls, pizza poppers, a whole rice and enchilada family meal, a blueberry pie and chocolate chip cookies.
All hot and tasty while we puttered about, the only boat on the lake.

We never made it to the bratwurst.

It was great. Check out the pictures at my facebook account here.

On another note, I have begun correspondence with the organizers of Stillwater's "Lumberjack Days" to see if I can set up and operate our lumbermill at next years celebration.

I hope we can. Stillwater is the birthplace of Minnesota and was born by a sawmill.

However these days the folks of the area seem to like the "theater" of the lumberjack but not so much the actual enterprise of logging and timber cutting.

I would not be surprised if I were to be informed that cutting logs into boards on a lumbermill does not "fit" with their "vision" for the future of lumberjack days in Stillwater.

Still I think it is worth doing and they may be all for it, who knows?

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