Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Chilly October.

The first Saturday of October I had a good evening at the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show. I borrowed Steve's cool camera and went to the State Fair Ground and the Hippodrome to photograph the lead line class just before the nine thousand dollar Grand Prix.

Also, I took pictures of the "Jumping with the Stars" that took place just before the Prix. You can see pictures here

It was fun to watch the jump-crew, half of whom I know, at work from the stands for a change.

Since then the weather here in Minnesota took a turn for the winter. We have had three snowfalls of an inch or more, and we haven't got to Halloween yet.

The first fell soft and white straight down while I was at "HH" (double H) stables in Stillwater. It was nice and began to feel like Thanksgiving.

It was week two of October.

Since then it has been cold and we have had two other snows, slow to melt and lingering for over a day. I am ready for the winter, maybe one more pair of gloves...

Since then it has warmed back to the fifties and even sixties.

It has been a good week, I got into the woods with Steve and Gary. They have a permit to cut trees for fire wood in a State Managed wooded park. I helped out and we made a good two hauls with Steves truck; a load to Gary and his family home and one to Steve and Melodies house.

We brought the grill and cooked steaks and had lots of snacks. I like logging camp WAY better than hunting camp. The woods were sunlite and stunning with yellow and gold maples while the oaks held green big leaves. It was right out of the picture books. Steve brought the camera and I intend to upload pictures on facebook.

Today is Sunday the 18th of October and the sun is up and I have some personal chores to tend to.

It also has been a week of decision and redirection.

One of these seem to lead to the concept of moving the Band-sawmill rig to Stillwater. (If we do, it would be the only sawmill in Stillwater Minnesota. I like that Idea.)

Much is happening out in the field on the political fronts, here in Minnesota as well as at a National level.

Today the weather is beautiful and the trees are bright and happy, I'll put some of that stuff in the next post. Right now I have to get a gas bottle and test out my.... new portable oven/stove!

Check it out here I got it on e-bay and it is so cool.

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