Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Hay While a Minnesota Sun Shines.

As is the case, since ever I worked in any horse barn, the hay shows up on the real hot days.

Today was a beautiful summer day. Ninety and some odd degrees. This is Minnesota, we are surrounded by vibrant green fields and many, many lakes and ponds.

When the sun comes out lots of water jumps into the air.

First it's all around you and you can feel it. When you go out into the sun it is especially hot and thick. You get damp and hot.

You learn to appreciate a breeze.

Walking in fields is difficult. Cleaning stalls seems never ending. Just picking up a lead line becomes a chore.

It is hot and humid.

You can see over on the horizon, above the tree line, clouds growing. Thick white vapor columns rising and growing. These huge water monsters arise, awaken, and storm across the countryside.

But until then, probably about 4:30 this afternoon, the three hundred bales of hay need to be stacked in the overhead and the barn needs to be cleaned and then the animals need to come back in.

Some are a little sweaty.

They prefer the cool barn, it's not the heat it's the humidity.

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