Monday, June 22, 2009

Spring is Gone, Summer is Here.

It has been a very busy spring for me.

We have watched the leave come out of the trees and bushes and unfurl. They have that brand new crispness that makes the woods look especially brite and vibrant, you only get that in the spring.

I have seen more Bluebirds, as well as other fun little colorful birds, this spring than ever before. I think its because I am spending more time, especially mornings, very near the Mississippi river and a tributary stream to it - Silver Creek. This is perfect song bird territory and on one of the big migration routes.... Also the owner has bird baths, feeders, suet and hummingbird straws.

It is now the first day of Summer and we have had some hot humid days and some good rains, but not everywhere has had rain and there are many dry spots around Minnesota.

We have made lot's of progress on many fronts.

Base line daily work at the double H stables ("HH")/ Haines Tree Service with weekly forays in the nautical direction.

I also have been taking weekly "breaks" to work jumpcrew at some horse events located about Minnesota.

Just finished one yesterday (Sunday) out Loretto way. we had a happy little hummingbird come into the judges stand, twice.

(Loretto is west of the twin cities about 25 miles for those not familiar with our state. Wooded rolling moraines with homes and farms and lots of glacial remnant lakes.)

I had the sailboat "Liberty" along and got her out on Lake Independence and tested the repaired sail. All is good!

Steve also acquired the 28' "Aqua flite Deck 280" and we have had it up and operating.

It is a FANTASTIC lounging and fishing platform. "Steves' Clubhouse" is a twenty eight foot long and eight foot wide pontoon boat. The front two thirds are flat decked for fishing, swimming or lawn chairs, and the rest is under canopy, with Pilot chair, table and cushioned seating for four.

Steve is a great guy, a fine machinist, but Steve is also a tall heavy landlubber. I am always nervous when canoeing with him. Now we have the perfect platform for everyone! I am going to have to work on uploading some pictures.

I now need to go to get my motor boat out of the shop. 135 Johnson needed help we were not situated to give. This will be our runabout. It's an aluminum V-hull, as yet to be named.

Now she is turn-key ready.

I also had an opportunity to be part of an event in Shorview. I was speaking on the Forests of Minnesota at an event centered on free market ecology. I was the closer, fifth of five.

I think it went well, I brought along a large plywood cutout of the state of Minnesota for display and reference. Gave rough description of things and a little on succession.

I had been living the last week out of a motel in Medina, I am now home. While away I bought Jacklyn, now 4, some animals for her barn. A momma Giraffe and a Baby Giraffe. She liked them so did her mother. I also brought home the game "Hi-Ho Cherry-o". She likes games.

I got a call from the boss at "HH" last nite and she said I didn't have to come in today. That was nice, she new I was wiped.

So today I recover and get back to a normal pattern. Tomorrow I go to work back in Stillwater.

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