Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Summer Sun Laughs on Minnesota

It has been a grand and glorious June and July in Minnesota. The corn got the rain it needed when it needed it, in much of the corn belt of south and west Minnesota.

I have spent a great deal of time on the water over the last week. Eagle lake in Sherburne County is a fine glacial remnant lake. It has fine folks living around it and we have a friendly port we call "Four Docks" that lets us moor the 28' pontoon of Steves'.

There are a happy set of bald eagles nesting on shore, and there are at least four adult loons and many chicks. I expect there are more.

The loon fishes by diving, and they are very successful. They often surface near our anchored boat.

They are an old and ancient bird with a haunting laugh of a call and piercing red eyes. The Common Loon has a white speckled back and necklace on a black background that comes with a neat Indian story.

Our state bird, has legs set way back for swimming and it is clumsy on land, it is so old its bones are still mostly solid.

The Bald Eagle; our national emblem, is also a well dressed bird and is really quite impressive circling in for its landing on an oak fifty feet away.

We spent the Independence Day and evening fishing and grilling and eating watermelon and drinking beer on the lake. The evening fireworks display by the locals ringing the lake was fantastic.

We watched as rockets lifted above the lake from all sides with reflected displays, and heard their reports cross the water at the speed of sound. It was fantastic.

When we weighed anchor to put in after about three hours of this loud morter and rocket umbrella (many were still firing), there was a slight gunpowder fog on the lake.

It was super cool pulling into port with the forward navigation lights glowing red and green in the mist.

I have been doing tree and stable work out of Stillwater on the Saint Croix River across from Wisconsin as a regular job.

I have been also allowed to take some time off to work the horse show circuit here in Minnesota.

I do the Jump Crew stuff, I don't like doing end gate and don't know enough to announce.
Its hard work, but it's fun and pays fairly well.

We set the stage (and take it down) and replace knocked down rails and do other odd jobs.

I will be west of Minneapolis for the Alpine Hunter/Jumper Show next week.

I am bringing the 14' sailboat "Liberty" with, I can launch her on Lake Independence, which is about a mile away from the show grounds and eight from the hotel in Medina.

Lots of other loud and colorful events of note have taken place here in Minnesota.

After many months the long awaited conclusion to the kabuki dance that was the Minnesota U.S. Senate race we have a Senator.

Al Franken.

The candidate offered to the people of Minnesota by the brand (DFL), preferred by those in government and media circles.

Much has been said and I could add more.

I will say Good Luck.

I do not agree with his politics nor those of his party. I think they are bad for my friends in Minnesota and the rest of America as well as worldwide.

I believe that maximizing peoples Freedom, and individuals Liberty is the proven path to a more peaceful, civil, educated, respectful, healthy and prosperous society.

I believe taxing for "Fairness", regardless of its resulting negative tax revenue, is dumb. I do not think we need more taxes and more regulations from THE STATE or THE FED.

I think we need less of both, from both.

Senator Al Franken will make a wonderful standard-bearer for his party.

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