Sunday, January 25, 2009

A long week.

Well I have been working with a tree service out of Stillwater.
However I have been able to follow the doings in Saint Paul from the web, the "news" papers and the ch 17 feed sometimes.

Last week the expected appears to become the actual... and staying with the theme outlined in their discussions earlier this month, the Minnesota legislature expects the Obama administration [Federal Government] to Dispense trainloads of cash to the States, especially the "democratic" ones.

Minnesota has a budget deficit of 5 to 7 billion dollars, depending on who you ask.

Minnesota's budget has a growth curve that makes Al Gores "hockey stick" look like a crooked line scratched in the sand. (which is what it really is)

Our Constitution requires a balanced budget.

{When I left the service in the 80's, and began my "education", Minnesota's Biennial budget was in the neighborhood of 8 billion dollars.}

It will be interesting to see if real dollars actually follow these promises and how many are on that train from D.C. and who's name is on the individual packets.

The Minnesota Budget really should balance.

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