Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The line starts here for the new "Legacy Amendment" tax dollars.

I also went to this meeting on Monday.
Very busy and packed with groups looking for the new largess from the legacy amendment.

MONDAY, January 12, 2009
4:30 PM
Committee: Cultural and Outdoor Resources Finance
Room: 5 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Mary Murphy
*** Note: *** Change in Agenda

Overview of committee procedures
90-second introduction and statement of goals
for the committee by every member, staff,
account agency, group and individual
in attendance at this meeting.

The Chair; Rep. Mary Murphy 6B (D), started by saying
how they, unlike other committees, have money.

She said it was clear that this was good and asked rhetorically
why would 56% of Minnesotans vote for it and why
would over 80 groups back it?.

I watched as the representatives of these groups go forward
singing the praises of their particular organization...

The Science Museum...over a million a year visit...could use the funds.

The Outdoor Alliance...we love the outdoors...our lobbyist couldn't make it....

Some other outdoor group....we spent over 4 million dollars to
help get this passed...

Then Minnesota Public Radio... Some people in the area not receiving
their quality broadcasts...

Then I went up for my 90 seconds.

I spoke for myself as a member of the River Warren Research Committee,
(I had handouts - the famous "Green Sheet".) www.riverwarren.org

I informed the committee that I had voted against it,
but that(RWRC) is not a government agency or subsidized
non-profit organization and did not have four million dollars
to inform the people that they were being misled
with a fear based message concerning their drinking water.

I did say we accept the results and hoped that the water based
expenditures would be spent with Human Health as the priority
like the "Green Guardians" at the Freshwater Society suggested.

I also made clear that I nor RWRC was here to receive any funding.
That we would hope that, in these difficult economic times
these hard earned tax dollars be spent responsibly.

I also made the point that Minnesota is now
the six largest property owner in
the nation behind the Feds, and the State of Alaska.

I said that we don't need to be purchasing any
more property, thereby placing the property tax burden
on an ever decreasing group of Minnesota citizens.

I also found it interesting that MPR wanted money, but not light rail
- at least not in their back yard.

Then the "bell" rang and I got the hook.

Many, many, many, speakers were in line behind me.
It was late and snowing so I went home.

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