Thursday, January 15, 2009

Govenor Proposes Business Tax Cuts / Education Reform....

I am watching the State of the State address by the Governor.

He is proposing reducing business tax rate from 9 to 4.8% over six years. (immediately would be better but still....)

25% tax credit for small business.
100% sales tax exemption instead of tax credits.

He is still talking green jobs.
He suggests a green tax zone like a jobz zone.

He is also talking education...
Job performance...

Education increases in funding, but with major overhauls.
Parent reviews.

Minimum entrance standards for teachers, like pharmacists for example.
Increase pay for effective teachers for results (Q-comp.) as opposed to seniority.

The increase he proposes amounts to a 5% increase for education.
He suggests a 2% increase for each result meeting student.

Also he wants to redo the way we settle school negotiating, like in 40 other states.
Management should also be changed, more bulk purchasing rather that district purchasing.

College and University should go more to online teaching and less on "brick and mortar".

25% of credits delivered on line by 20??. (I missed the deadline date)
Firm cap on tuition increases...
and lots of other things, this should get interesting.

Then he went to "Human Services" programs due to increase by 19% and must be changed.

Government employees, like business will experience lay offs, but to reduce them we should have a pay freeze for 2 years.

Most County functions are duplicated, they should work together more.

We should reduce or eliminate as many State mandates as possible and allow local Governments be able to vote to "opt out" of mandates.

I think much is good in here, it will be interesting to see how the Legislature deals with it.

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