Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obamanomics comes to Minnesota

Here in the land of the loon, we have for many decades elected state representatives that push a ridged environmental command and control regime.

There is strict control of allowable actions on swamps, lakefront, woodlands, and prairies.

There is heavy regulation of lead, mercury, nitrate, phosphorus, particulates, ozone, freon and many other things.

We tax many activities to fund agencies and discourage certain behaviors.
We have many avenues for THE STATE to purchase property and remove it from private hands. THE STATE is the sixth largest property owner in the nation and they are buying more to remove it from a"risk of development".

Any individual or business interest wishing to expand must wade through a gauntlet of non-profit organizations all living to complain about something or anything.

As well as the many, many, many forms to be filed (with fees) and meetings to attend and planning boards to appease and "concerned" citizens opposing you at every turn.

And if you do reach the end of this money and time consuming trek, you can expect an increase in your tax burden.
If you improve your home, its your property tax; if business; that, as well as corporate tax and probably payroll as well.

(and you probably wont be able to park that unsightly R.V. or fishing Boat at home. The neighbors have concerns you know....)

Often times if you have a profitable operation going they will tell you to stop, or change greatly.

You make electricity?... stop doing it that way, you must do it this way. (even though its less reliable, less efficient, more costly and impractical).

Suppose you make industrial adhesive products, have for almost a century... now they sue you for the way you did things (legally) in the past.

Mandate lots of testing, inspection and remedial action for a problem that does not exist.

Makes jobs they say. Obama-jobs

A local bakery in Saint Cloud was fined for excessive emissions. (can't have that fresh bakery smell contributing to atmospheric pollution now can we.)

Often times, these fines are sent to some so-called non-profit organization that is trying to raise awareness of the despicable acts non-believing heathens like you are committing against the planet.
[Very often lying in the process...truth is the first casualty you know.]

You can understand why our tax base is shaky and corporations are not expanding... nor are lots of new ones popping up.
(Making real jobs.)

And the Minnesota Legislature is in session. Have been for some time. Over five thousand bills entered....

Still no budget resolution. Typical.

One of the big priorities of these Liberty thieving collectivists is global warming. To be combated by reducing Carbon emissions.

I will not go into the bad science this nonsense is based on. I will say that they are using this phantom menace to push some very controlling legislation.

There are many regulations and rules on the books now, based on global warming, that should be removed. Right now they are talking about capping automobile miles driven to 1990 levels (or some such silliness).

They think we need to reduce our travel to save the planet. The planet does not need saving.

Minnesota is also experiencing a budget deficit of about $7 billion and gas tax receipts are down.

So they are suggestion a mileage tax, and a test is in the offing with GPS units in some vehicles to track travel. [coming to a sub-sub-sub compact near you!]

(They also intend to raise the income tax, corporate tax, expanding the sales tax, re-instituting vehicle emission testing, and raising all kinds fees)

They could possibly limit the number of vehicles licensed or maybe limit the number of cars any one individual can own. Or maybe you will be filling in an odometer line on your tax form.

They are also pushing a bill to have all business's file a greenhouse gas emission profile of their operation.
(hmm. It says here you have TWO diesel don't really need two for that business plan you have submitted. And I see on this form that you haven't had the improved carbon sequestration pack that was mandated last year for all diesel engines. As long as we're at it lets review your truck fleet operation and repair forms.)

The enviro-governmental complex is strong, entrenched and ruling with an iron rod. They need to be challenged at every opportunity.

I think I am seeing some pockets of resistance forming, but the very many non-governmental organizations (NGO's)[non-profits] that are funded by government are flexing their muscle and will not relinquish power willingly.

Privacy is of no concern, nor is freedom to these puritanical zealots.

The Sierra Club and the DFL fear free people.

Smash coal, mandate wind. Smash cars, mandate bike trails. Smash freedom, mandate collectivism.

Green Jobs, Green Fuels, Green Education, Green Buildings, Green transportation, Green Government.

We will sacrifice human liberty to "save the planet".

The rights of individuals are being smashed daily by these peddlers of Obamanomics.

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