Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marching into March

It is March in Minnesota.
Today the temperature will get above freezing and the last snow fall will settle into itself.

The Minnesota Legislature is pulsing with pride and power. Its full steam ahead.

The fresh Federal notes printed for future generations to regret, are arriving and helping to defer the pain and real choices that must eventually be accepted here in Minnesota as well as Washington D.C.

The state House is moving forward on all kinds of nonsense. Including returning to emission testing for autos along with more carbon credit and carbon mitigating and behavior modification programs.

There is much on the "Green/Global Warming" front. "Alternative" Energy, eco($)buildings, autos, billion dollar light rail, rapid transit, carbon cap and trade here in Minnesota....

Based on the phantom menace of Global Warming. We all suffer. and will more so.
There are many ways to ration commodities.

And change peoples behavior. Limit miles driven, business operating, fuels used....

Read the publications from the house and senate. [Session Weekly and Senate Briefly]

The DFL love to set prices and change behavior. They fear free Minnesotans.

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