Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post Election Party.

It is 6 November and I feel a need to write an election followup article.

My review of the Eight Congressional House Elections of 2010 in Minnesota led to the following...

I expect
the 1st to Randy Demmer. (thats a risky call but I'm making it)

the 2nd to John Kline

the 3rd to Eric Paulsen

the 4th to is 50/50 so it leans to B. Mccullom

the 5th to Kieth Ellison

the 6th to Michele Bachmann

the 7th to Colin Peterson

the 8th to Jim Oberstar

I predict the Governors race is won by Tom Emmer. "

The results were close with an odd difference in that, like bookends, the upset I predicted in the first actually appeared in the eighth.

That, and the Governors race is yet undetermined and is probably headed to the courts, although it may lean over enough during the recount for Emmer to concede.

But if you understand what I said you realize a momentous thing has happened.

Jim Oberstar lost the race in the eighth to Chip Cravaak.

That is something the people of the eight district of Minnesota really needed, some hope for change.

This is truly change, and it brings hope.
(tomorrow; the 7th, is my 48th birthday and that was the best present possible!)

Not only that, but the Minnesota House and Senate underwent a great sweeping... out went much of the driftwood from the 70's.

I do enjoy the notion of not having to listen to Senate Majority leader Lawrence Pogemiller, he can go to the back bench now.

Same with Nancy Pelosi in the U.S. House.

It is now post election and I am now concentrating efforts to other things.

I think I will be doing some work for the Forest Workers League of Minnesota.

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