Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Autumn is here.

It arrived over a 9 hour windy evening two days past, plus.

Today; Sept. 29th, was a day tinged with a special glow and special fall highlights.

For me it started early, I got up and rushed to Double "H",... and put out hay.

It was chilly with a light gray cover.

It was cold and I forgot my jacket so I put my brown duck coveralls over my jeans.

After helping put most of the horses out, Joe gave me my "marching orders".

I got the one ton truck and towed the stump grinder into town, following mike and the guys dropping a couple of trees.

We, Eric (in the grapple truck)and I, did only 4 stumps total but several were many, many years old and occupied the entire boulevard between the Minneapolis neighborhood street and the sidewalk.

The sky had by now cleared mostly and showed brilliant blue sky between the clouds drifting by. The street was newly paved and all the cars were gone, it reminded me of the old days in a Minneapolis neighborhood.

I wanted to roller-skate, but we had work to do....

We finished this up, and then we went back to "HH".

We got further orders.
I got the smaller stump machine and we (Eric and I) cleaned up a small two tree job in Stillwater after Mike and Justin had dropped them earlier.

By now the sky was becoming more clear and the wind that had lasted for two days, bringing in the autumn chill to Minnesota, had finally calmed.

By the end of the day the sky was blazing blue and the waxing moon showed its approach to full....and it is perfectly calm.


Pictures cannot show what I see.

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