Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Norm Coleman, Being The Best Senator He Can Be.

The continuing saga that is the Minnesota Senate election is an interesting study in and of itself.

The recent ruling from the Judicial Branch of the State of Minnesota has brought us to the end of the latest scene in the drama.

The question raised by Norm Coleman is the non uniform way in which ballots (absentee) were treated by the eighty seven individual counties, and THE STATE.

He is appealing the ruling to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Some years back, I had the opportunity to help a friend run for a State Senate seat vacated by the untimely death of the seated Senator north of the twin cities metro area .

I learned a lot about our elections and the agencies that "manage" these elections here in Minnesota.

No, we did not win and the results were totally of our own doing. No grudges anywhere and lots of new friends.

However, what I experienced from a customer/professional/business standpoint was the same as seen in most any other paper-shuffling government agency.

Very often overly-polite, officious and sometimes a little patronizing, the Government Desk-Set can be quite taxing in more ways than one.

They also love their job, and would like to keep it.

That alone supplies a great motivation to each individual that trends to an over-all "listing" away from anything that might possibly jeopardize their job, and obviously by extension, their agency.

Minnesota has very often led the nation in business, education, power, and politics.

I think we are leading the way again.

It is time for a total overhaul and restructuring of the Election process in the State of Minnesota and also on a Federal level.

I do not like the proposals put forth by Al Franken. I also find little to like from Norm Colman.

I do not like the fear-mongering environmental rhetoric and resulting policies coming from either of the two.

If you remember after the Wellstone tragedy, the DFL asked Governor Ventura to keep the seat empty until the election, out of respect.

He did too.

Then he attended the infamous Wellstone Memorial in the Hubert H. Humphy metro-dome. He walked out when his wife started crying due to the rude and insensitive way the DFL used it like a political club.

Democrats seem to have very little respect, considering how much they demand.

Then he appointed Dean Barkley to fill the Wellstone seat. (He has many odd notions too.)

The DFL seem to be a real classless bunch.

I am happy with the situation as it is now.

The longer we have a vacant seat, the more we prove Minnesota a truly national leader, rejecting the false choices offered by a failing system.

We can do better.

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